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Blouse Collars, 1940s-50s - By Charlotte Dymock.

Can I just say I love all of these?  Anybody ever feel like they might have been born at the wrong time?


christinamused — does everyone get Divergent? hehehee..




I think Chris Hardwick has finally settled the GIF pronunciation debate once and for all.

So much agreement!!!

Yes, because this is how words work.

Love this. 

Officially on Spring Break, but using my time to catch up on major adulting such as:

  • Finishing grad school work for this course (8-10 page policy paper, 3 more reading responses - due in one week)
  • Finishing induction course binder for level II certification (why am I doing these things simultaneously?)
  • Doctor’s appointments
  • Spring cleaning
  • Grading and planning
  • Time set aside to see family/friends

This is not a break! Where is my break?

C’mon, summer! Where are you, beautiful?!




My 5th graders would LOVE this…

I absolutely love Will Ferrell. 

Go for the Rose Gold Flat | Mod Retro Vintage Flats | ModCloth.com

Some weeks are really, really hard. So hard that you have to buy yourself adorable rose gold flats to wear to the prom. Excuse me while I go tell all my students what song I’ll be “leaving out” to. (Did you guys know that’s even a thing?) 

I woke up like this, kiddies!

Fashionable Teacher Week: April 14-18


Attention one and all! Next week is officially our spring #fashionableteacher week! Post your outfits each day and be sure to check out what others are posting in the tag to get some inspiration.

In addition…I’m going to give #Education a challenge for each day of the week. I like having some…

I’ll be on Spring Break, so the last thing I plan on being is fashionable. I may have some pink pajama pants somewhere if that counts, though…

Can’t wait to see all of you divas work it. ;] Xo


Just changed all my passwords.


Thanks for the heads up tumblr.

Same. :]

Have any of my educhums read I Am Malala? I am interested in getting my hands on a copy and I was wondering what you all thought of it..