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Avoiding taking the teacher home with you?

For many of us, I know that grading and lesson planning at home is a non-negotiable. Otherwise, nothing would ever get done. I’m curious, though.. do any of you find yourself bringing your “teacher personality” home with you? I work with a particularly difficult population of students and I am constantly on the defensive. This requires me to take on quite a harsh teaching persona which I don’t really want to emulate in my personal life, but sometimes it’s hard to draw the line.

When I come home, sometimes I am so quick to jump at anyone who annoys me even slightly that I turn a 2-minute talk into an hour-long restorative discussion of why they shouldn’t have said what they said to annoy me. (Yep, it happens.) It could be a friend, relative, spouse, anyone. I’m not usually this touchy on weekends where I can let things go a lot easier. On weeknights, I’m just hopeless… I know that the people who love me would really prefer I left Snarky at school where she belongs.

So, Tumblr teacher community, any tips on leaving the “teacher” at school?

  1. missescargotpudding answered: I’m at the point that my school requires me to use so much of my personal time to complete my teacher ‘requirements’ that I’m always ‘Miss E’
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    Be a nicer teacher and you wouldn’t have to worry bout bringing your bitchy teacher persona home
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    What I personally do is on my drive home I’ll usually listen to really loud rock or metal music. I’ll also make sure to...
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  5. as-bold-as-love answered: For me, it’s about intentionally making the choice to turn it off. In the car, I think about my mood, and purposefully change it if I need to
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