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Sick days?

Inquiry: How many sick days do you usually take per year? What is your general routine for sub planning? Does your school hire actual subs or have other teachers cover for you?

I’m asking because this year has been incredibly difficult for me. I’ve taken more sick days than I ever have. I do manage a chronic condition and some days I know that’s what’s causing all of this mayhem, but it’s been exceptionally bad this year. (I haven’t gone over my allotted time off, but I’m getting close.. we get 5 days per year.) My school doesn’t hire subs. Other teachers have to cover for me. I know that everyone signs up for it and knows this is the procedure, but I can’t help but feel totally guilty when I have to call out. (On top of already feeling sick…)

Just wondering how other schools and teachers handle it. Thoughts?

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    I get 10 or 15 sick days (I can’t remember which) and one personal day. The personal day doesn’t roll over if we don’t...
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    I normally don’t take any sick days because the lesson planning isn’t really worth it since I see multiple grade levels...
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    katy-mylady: girlwithalessonplan: thesnarkyschoolteacher: Inquiry: How many sick days do you usually take per year? What...
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    We have 10 sick days and 3 personal days. In the last contract we could bank our sick days and our unused personal days...
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    I get 6 paid/year, but only with a doctor’s note that verifies symptoms proving I was too sick to work. Our school has...
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    I have 2 personal days and 4 sick days per year. Any time I’m out, I have to find my own sub…sometimes it’s easier to...
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    Hearing TSS’s version of sick days makes me feel very lucky. I started out with a bank of 10 sick days. Each year, 6 are...
  8. ohyesjulesdid answered: Private school? My district pays for subs till I run out of days, then sub differential is subtracted from salary. msg 4 more details.
  9. littlestwampum answered: I get 3 sick days per year (+3 personal). We do 100% internal coverage as well. I prepare VERY simple lessons: all IP, tests, or a movie.
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